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ELA Basics | Essay Formats | Research Paper | Elizabethan Drama | Critical Terms

ELA Basics

How to set up your 8 Gold Portfolio in Google Drive

How to open documents through Google Drive on the IPad

How to set up your Google Drive portfolio on an IPad

How to Submit Work Electronically

Key Google Doc Features:
How to insert comments, send email, etc.

Essay Map - Analytic and Persuasive - Screencasts

Video 1 - Homework 9/5/2014

Video 2 - Homework 9/5/14

This is the first of 3 essay map screencasts.
You do not need to take notes while watching
this one, but do watch and listen carefully.

This is the 2nd screencast, which focuses on
the body paragraphs. Be sure to have your note
sheets out. Remember, you can pause and
rewind at any time while viewing this, so that you
can take good notes.
Need a copy of the note sheet?
You can find it here.

Once you finish watching this video, be sure to
complete this short survey
Video 3 - Homework 9/8/15

This is the final presentation on the Essay Map.
It details the introductory and concluding paragraphs.
Be sure to take good notes, pausing as needed,
and then answer the survey below.

This is the Persuasive Writing Format.
It details the similarities and differences
between this and the analytic format, and
goes over the various techniques you can
use to sway your audience.
Once you finish watching this video, be sure to
complete this short survey

The note sheet for this presentation can be
found here.

Research Paper Screencasts

How to use Easybib:

How to format your citations in Google Drive

This presentation walks you through setting up an account and then using Easybib to create your bibliography

Once you have your bibliography, you can then use it to create your properly formatted citations. This video will guide you through the process.

Elizabethan Drama Screencasts

Basics on prepositions - watch this to make sure you
understand this key grammatical term!

This should help you get a better grasp of prepositions
in Elizabethan Drama. You can find my handouts on
this here.

Why Does This Stuff Sound So Strange?

Key Literary Concepts

You can find the shell note packet here.

The note sheet is in your packet, but you can
also get it here.

Critical Literary Term Screencasts


This is your introduction to symbolism. As you
watch the video, you will be taking notes and also
analyzing images that contain symbols. Make
sure you have the notes / analysis packet,
available on my documents page.